Born from the desire to view things from an unconventional perspective, the emphasis is always kept on the soul of the event.

The driving force behind each NODDING CAT project is the ability to transform and captivate while “telling a story”.

To create an ordinary event is commonplace. For us, each project is completely unique and tailored to your company and vision only while we place a special focus on breaking boundaries for you.

Our team aims to deliver experiences that draw on your wildest imagination and make your big dreams come to life, be it harmonious Instagram-worthy environments to unforgettable “brand experiences.” 

For us, event design reflects ideals. Creative flair and quality artistry are paramount to us. We do believe that magic derives from big ideas and tiny details.
We specialize in working with a white canvas, providing boutique experiences of upbeat, modern, and young vibe in order to bring brands to life with events and more.

Having a variety of talents by our side, our team include artists, designers, entertainers, and technicians, we aim to offer you some unforgettable experiences.